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A beautiful song of Wilco (what a combination!) says that the first thing that you want, will be the last thing that you need. With WeMove WILCO you'll never run a similar risk. A new Dual SIM Smartphone with innate antidepressant qualities is coming, like a breeze that chases away the clouds, returning you a blue sky.

In the center of the scene

The showdown: a 4.3" display, a 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Processor and 36 GB of memory. Everything is inserted in a genuine physical-view context, a durable and memorable form for a phone that aspires to create a large and devoted following of fans.

NGM WeMove Wilco
NGM WeMove Wilco

HD Video recordings

The 8.0 Megapixel camera with flash and HDR makes WeMove WILCO an exciting multimedia tool. And don’t forget the possibility to record and play spectacular HD videos.Or rather, how to transform a potentially chaotic situation into something fun and addictive.

We Move into the Future

Transmitting and receiving data using HSPA protocols, moving with the NGM Navigation System*, writing with the support of SwiftKey: it seems nice to say and wonderful to do. With WeMove WILCO we want to offer you a fresh perspective: the user of this device may daydream along with definitely winning results.

NGM WeMove Wilco

* The "Lite" version does not contain NGM NAV