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Live the adventure

NGM EXPLORER certainly is not the first smartphone but it could be your first smartphone. Without scarifying comfort, power or style, Explorer brings you into the adventure without the risk of enduring it. Keep your experiences under control with two SIM cards, an SOS key, a set of outdoor applications, an extraordinary resistance to all weather conditions. And don’t tell us that you refrain from extreme situations; after all, unpredictability is a feature of life itself.

Robust and waterproof

The robust looks of Explorer are not accidental or a casualty. Special internal gaskets made it compliant to the IP68 standards, ensuring its functioning in extreme climatic conditions: from the Algerian Simoom to days under the monsoon rains. And it can endure falls from heights that well exceed that of your ears.

NGM Explorer
NGM Explorer

Technology under the adventurer’s crust

Explorer is a Dual SIM with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and a 3.5” screen, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity; its eye on the world is a 5 MP camera. A touch of technology under the hard cover of an adventurer.

Zinc alloy chassis and Gorilla Glass display

Explorer wears a Corning® Gorilla® Glass, that confers extraordinary resistance to scratches, falls and shocks while maintaining a stunning visual quality. If you add a chassis made of zinc alloy, you can lightheartedly throw yourself into your everyday activities. Unless you prefer bungee jumping...

NGM Explorer
NGM WeMove Explorer

Environmental sensors and SOS Key

You have a compass, altimeter, barometer and a torch at hand. Or rather, how to combine technology and the human element to find the solution to problems that emerge one by one. As a good explorer, this model has the GPS technology. All integrated with an SOS key that allows you to quickly send your position in case of need. NGM Explorer is not the first smartphone but it probably is the first one to meet the standards that you deserve.