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Change your life Alittle

Every one of us has his own modus cogitandi and his own way of face life, not essentially efficient and responsible. Small, compact and colorful, NGM Alittle will not change your existence for sure but can make some minimal daily circumstances easier. Let’s begin with the Dual SIM technology, that makes operating with two active SIM cards in one phone possible. Then the multimedia equipment, T9 text input, Coffer area. It may do little but things can be easier…

Small and light, Alittle is recognizable for its brilliant and stylish looks.
It can reproduce different multimedia files, (MP3, MJPEG, 3GP, MP4) and has a sensible voice recorder that can record the phone call or the mewing of your cat, in order to use it as a ringtone.

NGM Alittle
NGM Alittle

A little privacy is not bad… here you have NGM special functions at disposition: White List, Black List, Block Anonymous and Coffer. If an interlocutor is annoying you or if you fear that someone is going to nose about in your call logs, a few clicks will be sufficient to remove this anxiety and concerns.