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A brilliant guy

Billy is a sympathetic name (same as the world’s most sold library) and Billy is a definitely cheerful and cheeky phone with a comfortable extended QWERTY keyboard. Colors are bright, the access to Facebook and Twitter simple and direct. The multimedia equipment is more than respectable and will never let you get bored. Young, extroversive, social: it won’t take him long to make friends.

Cool and relaxed even when under pressure, with consistent performances (like Tiger Woods); NGM Billy is the QWERTY Dual SIM that you weren’t expecting. The clean lines and subtle sense of finesse talk about a young and trendy urge to communicate (Facebook, Twitter).

NGM Billy
NGM Billy

The color palette relies on black, white, red, pink and turquoise that make it really classical-contemporary.
The multimedia-compartment contains all indispensable. If your budget is not stratospheric, Billy can be your choice.