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A formidable Easy Phone

Fred talks to you in a comprehensible language, the same as the other NGM Easy Phones use: big keys on the display, enhanced audio and ringtones, SOS key and torch. Now you have no alibi for having forgotten to call for a greeting…

FRED is a name of responsibility, for a phone that in case of emergency can send an alarm SMS and call the SOS numbers that you have chosen and he can do it with two SIM cards at disposition. If necessary, he can also let his phonebook and SOS numbers be modified from remote, with a simple SMS.

ngm Fred
NGM Fred

While you are around, talking and taking pictures, you will forget that you are holding an Easy Phone. FRED will support you like ad shrewd assistant, a message deliverer, but he does it in style and dynamism, reaching an enviable balance between comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

The exclusive environmental sound amplifier allows you to listen better to the surrounding happenings … even in the room next to you.

NGM Fred