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Ready to make the difference

Prime mover: the force that gets something moving (primum movens); NGM Forward PRIME is a moving idea, thrown ahead to make the difference. You can continue navigating on the same river and it all may be OK, but if you need to make changes, do it beginning from PRIME.

Blow away the greyness

Electricity flows across our bodies while we search for a way to connect to each other: NGM Forward PRIME emits sparks of creativity that aim to burn the prairie of modern communication. A 1.2 Ghz Quad Chore Dual SIM with 16Gb internal memory, ultra slim and light as breath, illuminating your days, moving away the clouds and breaking the silence of monotony.

NGM Forward Prime
NGM Forward Prime

Adventure within the light

Take your time to give yourself a gift of surprising energy. The new IRIDIA display is the essence of Forward PRIME: light, color and harmony condense in a unique purity and view, transmitting creative vibrations across a spacious 4.7" screen protected by a scratch-resistant Dragon Trail glass. And then, the 8 Mpixel hind camera + the 2 Mpixel front camera: another couple of open eyes to guarantee an adventure within the light, as life should be.

Get comfortable

Move Forward. Everyone knows that Life is like a pendulum that fluctuates between perfection and imperfection. We are better than what we think, but in order to feel at ease with our capacities, we require the right tools. Forward PRIME offers Bluetooth™ Smart Ready, developed for the more complex activities.

NGM Forward Prime