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Redouble with Dual Core

NGM is already widely known for its wide range of Dual SIM phones, managing two SIM Cards at the same time. Now NGM is ready to redouble, with a new class of Android™ Smartphones, with Dual Heart and Dual Core. Compared to the traditional Mono - Core Smartphones, they give you the shiver of amazing 3D graphics, less slowdown if you use the phone intensely and better multitasking power; all multiplied by two SIM Cards. Very useful features for people who usually squeeze their phones; just like a DJ squeezes the mixer and turns "double" into "dubble ".

NGM Double Power

With the new Dual Core processors you can play and record HD videos, if the phone's camera supports it. So, high resolution – once the prerogative of only professional devices - becomes immediately accessible within the object that follows you practically anywhere during your days. A further occasion of entertainment, an extra creative stimulation, an opportunity and a pretext to look around more carefully. At these levels of processing power, moreover, the craving of unrepentant gamers is fulfilled. The Dual-core processor is equivalent to a higher bit rate: that allows the possibility to use the games with the highest video resolution and to see them come alive without any delay on your smartphone.

Following NGM tradition, also "Dubble Power" are articulated in a well-differentiated range, in ways that are more appropriate to a number of customers extremely varied for needs and requirements. We start with the entry-level WeMove MIRACLE, more cheeky and irreverent, and we go on with WeMove WILCO and ABSOLUTE (equipped with a 1.2 Ghz processor and a 8 Mpixels camera), to get to WeMove LEGEND, in the two tastes " 2" and "XL" (both provided with a Super display AMOLED Plus, protected by sturdy Corning® Gorilla® Glass).

NGM Double Power
NGM Dual Core

Dual SIM, Dual Core, but that's not all... All models of the range are equipped with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology - allowing you to receive network data with a speed up to 30 times higher than that of an UMTS model - NGM Navigation System (with always up-to-date Tele Atlas maps, freely downloadable from the NGM official website) and the predictive SwiftKey™ writing system, that offers an unsuspected speed in inserting text. A stratification of functions and potentialities that cannot leave you indifferent: a double vitality to go on moving, producing, creating.